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Faces2Hearts is a worldwide blogging initiative that has taken 4 young bloggers across Africa, Latin America or Asia-Pacific for 5 months to discover projects that are changing people’s lives for the better, supported by the EU.

Now that their journeys have ended, this blog captures the stories of the places they have visited, of the people they have encountered and touched their hearts. Get inspired!

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Meet the Faces2Hearts bloggers in Rimini!

Thought the Faces2Hearts project was over? We will be back from 19 to 25 August, at the Rimini Meeting. Join us there for a chance to meet the Faces2Hearts bloggers face-to-face. If you are interested in sustainable development, and in finding out more about the Faces2Hearts blogging project, this is for you! Our stand (padiglione B3) will host a photo [...]

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07/08/2018 0

Final Reflection on my Faces2Hearts Journey

Dear friends, family, passerby’s to this blog (otherwise known as my online home for the past half year), I wanted to say ‘thank you’. Thank you for following this journey and supporting me from near and far. I have had the incredible privilege to travel with the European Commission for a project that allowed me [...]

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30/08/2018 0

Let’s talk about fabrics and culture

Besides Machu Picchu and ceviche, what else do you think about when you imagine Perú? Probably the answer to that is color and fabrics, so today we’re going to talk about that, with a little extra. Well, a big extra that’s very inspiring. While going for the second time to Perú, I visited one of [...]

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Latin America

24/07/2018 0

A Generation of Creative Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs have been hailed as “drivers of innovation” or “agents of change”. I’ve always admired the tenacity and creativity of those individuals or small group of people who try to see the world in another light and build something that fills gaps in our world. I think sometimes we’re quick to associate entrepreneurs with [...]

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23/07/2018 0

When sustainable development meets indigenous knowledge

Okay so… even though it wouldn’t be very professional of me to show some preference for some kind of projects, I must say I have a thing for those related to indigenous cultures. And with this project, Desarrollo Alternativo en Satipo (DAS) the European Union and the Peruvian government did something amazing and HUGE, and huge translates [...]

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Latin America

20/07/2018 0

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